AEONIAN (adjective) “Of or relating to an aeon; lasting an aeon; eternal, everlasting”

NOMAD (noun) one who moves around or travels freely without ties holding them back”

We created our over 50’s travel blog as we were encoraged by similar aged friends to share our everlasting passion for travel, food, good wine and the other great things in life.

We decided to call our blog “Aeonian Nomads”, as we believe that once we pass 50, we have the opportunity to open a new wonderful chapter in our lives that allows us more freedom to more extensively focus on exploring Life, Love and Travelling.
You can read our full story here: The Aeonian Nomads

In todays online world, photos, video and social media are the best way to share our travels and to provide tips and advice for fellow over 5o travellers. Please bookmark this site and follow our Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages to stay updated on all of our latest adventures.

We truly hope that you enjoy our travel journey and we look forward to meeting you one day, as we continue to seek out the world’s most exciting and beautiful locations.

John & Karen
Aeonian Nomads