Hi travellers, welcome to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World.

We are asked all the time, why do we love to travel to Walt Disney World and its become apparent to us that people really do believe that the Disney theme parks are just for kids.

Our goal in this “Adult’s Guide to Walt Disney World” series is to destroy this crazy myth by demonstrating why we enjoy the Disney parks and to encourage other travellers to enjoy everything that Disney World Resort to adult visitors.

So join us on todays video as we travel through Disney Springs, the newly completed 120-acre Shopping, Dining and Entertainment precinct that offers over 100 shopping locations, 60 dining venues and 20 entertainment experiences.

Threating guests by day and night to unique dining, shopping and entertainment within beautiful open-air promenades, flowing springs and waterfront charm, Disney Springs is home to four distinct, outdoor neighborhoods: The Landing, Town Center, Marketplace and West Side.

Today we discover some of the amazing attractions, entertainment, food and of course adult beverages that can be found in Disney Springs.

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       John & Karen

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