Join us as we spend the perfect evening drinking and eating our way through a select choice of a perfect couple of Hobart’s finest cocktail bars and restaurants.

We started our night at the very cool Salamanca Whisky Bar. Karen and I were dressed up and ready to start our anniversary night dinner with a few well made drinks in a classy atmosphere. We had noticed the Salamanca Whisky Bar earlier in the day when we were exploring the Salamanca markets ( )

We were very warmly greeted on arrival and had a choice of very comfortable large lounge chairs with an amazing view over the bar and sounding areas. The lighting was subdued, and really made for a great romantic start to our evening.

Our waiter, that was dressed to the nines, was wonderful and made excellent recommendations, especially for Karen that is not a usual whisky drinker. Our waiter expertly knew his craft and provided outstanding recommendations to both of us. There is definitely everything you want here for the whiskey aficionado at the Salamanca Whisky Bar, but what really impressed us was how our waiter encouraged us to move through (and enjoy) their impressive, and somewhat intimidating cocktail list.

We really enjoyed our time here and although we were very excited to move on to our dinner reservation, we could have easily sat here for the remainder of the night, enjoying their substantial cocktail menu.

Feeling “very happy” following our 90 minute cocktail session at the Salamanca Whisky Bar, we walked through the picturesque hobart waterfront area for our degustation dinner at The Black Footed Pig Tapas Bar & Kitchen.

The Black Footed Pig specialises in serving up Spanish inspired tapas, raciones and desserts that showcase Hobart’s ethically sourced and sustainably grown local produce.

It was definitely an amazing meal and after a number of generous wine pairings and a bottle of fine Spanish red to finish off dinner we were full, relaxed and unquestionably ready for bed.

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John & Karen