As part of our “Adult Guide to Hobart” video series, join us today as we take a spectacular tour through the vineyards of the Coal River Valley in Tasmania with Ageing Barrel Tours.

After enjoying a beautiful breakfast on the Salamanca waterfront we joined our Ageing Barrels wine tour to the Coal River Valley vineyards to enjoy some great wine, food and cheeses.

Tasmania has long attracted passionate growers, wine producers, cheesemakers and chefs to the Coal Valley which has resulted in the Coal river Valley becoming renown for its premium fresh produce, cool climate wines, award-winning cheeses and the freshest seafood.

The Coal River Valley wineries are in within easy reach of Hobart and they offer an impressive range of cool-climate wines that include riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot gris, gewürztraminer and cabernet sauvignon.

It’s cool climate, mild summers and long autumn days are the ideal conditions for premium cool-climate wines and we witnessed this first hand during our numerous cellar door tastings during the day.

Enjoy the video as we tour the vineyards, eat some amazing chesses and enjoy lunch in the vineyards.

Ageing Barrel Wine Tours is a Tasmanian family owned and operated business specialising in Wine Tours In Hobart, Tasmania.

They have a genuine, passion for wine and people, and are committed to showing their guests the absolute best that the East Coast Wine Regions have to offer.

Aeonian Nomads highly recommends Ageing Barrel Wine Tours as they ensure that your day is more than just sampling award-winning cool-climate wines from Tasmania’s best Winemakers, it’s about enjoying the finer things in life and taking in the beautiful scenery during a fun filled day with new and old friends alike.


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