There are many reasons why Lonely Planet called Hobart one of their top ten spots to visit, and we were keen to find out why so many travellers in the 50’s are flocking to Tasmania for long weekends and extended vacations. 

We were in Amsterdam for three days, which flew by so quickly. Isn’t that always what happens when you’re having fun? Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and incredibly unique for its scenic canal networks, incredible history, and warm culture.

 While three days isn’t that long, it was at least enough time to explore much of what we wanted to see, although we are already planning our return journey to see a lot more that this amazing city has to offer over 50’s travellers .


Our accomodation was at the Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam. It’s a member of Design Hotels, and may we say, a very cool place for over 50s travel accommodations.

 We recommend a stay at the Sir Adam because it affords splendid views of the city, its situated right on the water in walking distance to the. ferry service and is so close to the things you most likely want to see during your stay. It had a fun, cool vibe that we really got into and felt a part of, and it had a great Beer Garden, which is always a bonus in our book.

If you have been following our travels for a while, you will know that as we are triathletes and distance runners and we like to stay active during our travels. One of the easiest ways for us to do this is to take a local bike tour of the city that we are visiting. For over 50s travellers visiting Amsterdam, we recommend Mike’s Bike Tours, which provides so much more than just a ride around the city on bikes.

That’s part of it to be sure, but on this tour you get really entrenched in the funky culture that is unique to Amsterdam and we loved it. Our guide led us along to see Museumsplein, Vondelpark, the Jordaan District, Skinny Bridge, Canal Belt, Old Church, and the Red Light District, to name a few. 

Speaking of that, the Wallen, which is what Amsterdam natives call the Rosse Buurt, and what visitors like us call the Red Light District, it’s one of the oldest parts of the city and incredibly fascinating to see for over 50s travellers.

It’s chock full of interesting shops, pubs, amazing restaurants, leaning gabled houses, and the most charming canals in the city. We recommend that you make it part of your itinerary.

Amsterdam is a great destination for active over 50’s travellers, but it’s also a place to indulge culinary senses.

To try to get a taste of all the cities best food options, we signed up for two amazing food tours that we recommend for over 50 travellers to Amsterdam. The first was the Hungry Birds Sunday Experience Food Tour.

As much is closed on Sunday mornings in Amsterdam, so many visitors just settle for what’s in the hotel, but this 5 hour tour takes you to get the kinds of food the locals eat, and they eat very well! Don’t miss the local kroketten and frites!

The other food tour we recommend is The Food & Canals Food Tour, a 4 hour Amsterdam Food & Canals Tour is a guided walk through the unique cultural and historical sights of Amsterdam and a an hour-long, private boat trip through Amsterdam’s world heritage canals.

Both food tours provided the equivalent to a substantial meal in the form of many delicious Dutch tastings from plenty of authentic foodie stops through the streets and along the canals of Amsterdam.

 If you’re looking for the kind of over 50s travel in Europe that gives you a taste of active life, history, and divine food, make your way to Amsterdam!



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