Earlier this year, my wife Karen and I found ourselves facing a new chapter in our lives.

We had both entered our 5th decade (sounds much better than we had just “turned 50”) and although the sudden realisation that we had hit an epic life milestone initially shocked us, it also allowed an opportunity for reflection, especially in regards to how enjoyable our life had recently become.

Getting married in our early twenty’s and then having children just a few years later, resulted in next 25 years of our lives flying by with both of us focusing on trying to be good parents, managing mortgage responsibilities and building our careers.

Over this period, we were still fortunate to travel as a family, however these travel opportunities were always determined by established school terms, ever increasing work obligations and the budgetary and logistic constraints that impact all parents.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved travelling with our children and our home is full of photos and mementos that serve as a constant reminder of our wonderful travels together and the destinations we explored as a family.

However, these realities and day to day responsibilities definitely constrained our ability to travel more frequently and directly determined what were the appropriate (and cost effective) travel destinations and itineraries.

In our mid-forties we found that there was a substantial shift in our personal, career and financial situations. Our boys were in now teenagers and they had both definitely caught the “international travel bug”.

We had both worked hard and had secured senior positions in the organisations that we served, which in turn provided more flexibility, the required resources and additional opportunities for travel.

We really enjoyed spending our forties travelling to more exotic locations with our children and having the resources and alibility to go further, longer and deeper into the travel destinations we were wanting to experience.

We found that in late forties and then cascading over into our “5th decade”, that the travel opportunities came along more readily. Our boys were now starting to live more independent lives, we had more flexibility in when we could travel and due to our financial position, we were also able to enjoy greater choice of travel destinations and experiences, that were not financially viable in the past.

We have now begrudgingly accepted that we are now in our fifties and a large part of this acceptance has been of theacknowledgement that we have now entered into one of the most exciting decades of our lives. With our life, children, work and financial situation now being in the most stable position of our lives, we honestly believe that we have entered a period of unlimited opportunity and discovery that we can’t wait to explore.

We started this travel blog as we wanted to share our everlasting passion for travel, food, good wine and the other great things in life.

In keeping with our own journey that we have shared above, we decided to call our blog Aeonian Nomads as we believe that once we reach 50, we have the opportunity to open a new wonderful chapter in our lives that allows us to focus more extensively on exploring Life, Love and Travelling.

We truly hope that our over 50 travel blog and guides and guides will inspire others to follow their adult travel dreams well past the age of 50.

There is so much more fun to be had at this stage in life, so seize the opportunity today and make the most of every second that we have available!


We look forward to sharing our never-ending travel journey and meeting each and every one of you as we continue to seek out the world’s most exciting and beautiful locations.

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John & Karen
Aeonian Nomads